It's with great excitement that RNT Panels has announced that the 'Celebrate My Ride' competition is on again for Christmas 2016!!  One lucky listener will be drawn out of the entries sent in and announced on Monday Breakfast with Bryce & Cindy @Casey Radio.

Send in your entry to Monday Breakfast with Bryce & Cindy at 97.7FM Casey Radio.  All you need to do is tell us your story about what happened and why you ride needs attention and if you are the winner RNT Panels will bring it back to life.

The 'Celebrate My Ride' competition winners were drawn live on air December 14th 2015 on Monday Breakfast with Bryce & Cindy @ Casey Radio.

Congratulations to Kylie Bibby from Rosebud, and Sam Crivari from Cranbourne North who will both have their vehicles repaired before Christmas. Not sure there were many dry eyes in the studio as the calls were made to the lucky winners! 

A huge thanks to Leader Newspaper for covering the story, and the team at Casey Radio for supporting such a worthwhile initiative.

RNT Panels are station sponsors at Casey Radio - the Sound of the South East. We feature each month on the popular program,   Monday Breakfast with Cindy, where news and issues are discussed regarding the automotive industry.

You can listen to previous interviews below, and tune-in the first Monday of each month at 97.7FM or via caseyradio.com.au.



3rd July 2017 - Ray & Cindy - Discussing the benefits of a positive atitudes effect on safer driving and less road rage

Ray and Cindy - Driving benefits of a positive attitude.mp3

5th December 2016 - Ray, Bryce & Cindy - 3 Iconic movie cars, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The original Mad Max car and the 1966 Batmobile!  Interesting fact explained.

Ray, Bryce & Cindy - Iconic Movie Cars.mp3

21st November 2016: Ray, Bryce & Cindy  - Our Celebrate My Ride competition returns for 2016!!

Ray, Bryce & Cindy - Celebrate my ride 2016.mp3

31st October 2016: Ray, Bryce & Cindy  - Celebrate My Ride competition returns for 2016!! Gold Class giveaway's deserving winner is Haley O'Halon.

Ray, Bryce & Cindy - Gold Class Experience.mp3

12th September 2016: Ray, Bryce & Cindy  - Super fun, super fun quiz returns due to popular demand

Ray, Bryce & Cindy - Ray's Super Fun Auto Quiz 2.mp3

8th August 2016: Ray's super fun quiz on the topics discussed over the last 12 months

Ray, Bryce & Cindy - Ray's Super Fun Auto Quiz.mp3

4th July 2016: Ray, Bryce & Cindy chat about the new Tesla electric cars                  
performance vs a Holden V8

Ray, Bryce & Cindy - Tesla vs Holden V8.mp3

6th June 2016: Ray, Bryce & Cindy broadcast to and discuss the frigate HMS Anzac.

HMS Anzac.mp3

2nd  May 2016: Ray, Bryce & Cindy discuss whether or not it's a good idea to by a new car. Interesting perspective.

New Car or Not.mp3

4th April 2016: Ray, Bryce & Cindy embark on Back To The Future  2 looking at what motoring  might look like in the future.  

Ray, Bryce & Cindy - Back to the Future 2.mp3

7th March 2016: Ray, Bryce & Cindy set the time machine to 1995 and traveled back in time to look at car & fuel prices, and cost of living, 21 years ago.

Ray, Bryce & Cindy - Back to the Future Edition.mp3

1st Feb 2016: Ray chats automotive tips & trick...secrets that can save you time and money.

Ray - Automotive Tips & Tricks.mp3

14th Dec 2015: Ray joined Bryce & Cindy at Casey Radio to announce the winner of the 'Celebrate My Ride' competition. 

Celebrate My Ride - Winners Announced.mp3

7th Dec 2015: Ray tackles the 'taxi v uber' debate on Monday Breakfast with Bryce & Cindy. Who do you ride with?

Ray - Casey Radio Breakfast (uber v taxi).mp3


7th  Nov 2015: RNT Panels 30sec commercial - Casey Radio.

RNT Panels 30sec.mp3


19th Oct 2015: Ray chats car insurance on breakfast radio with Bryce & Cindy at Casey Radio. How well do you know, or understand, your policy?

Ray - Casey Radio Breakfast (car insurance).mp3

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