Glove Box Accident Kit

We hope you may never have to use this information, but unfortunately accidents can happen. RNT Panels suggest you familiarise yourself with these procedures. Everyone's interest will be best served if all parties are courteous and engage in no controversy at the scene of the accident but leave the entire handling of the claim to the insurer's representatives.

Medical Assistance

Inspect the vehicle's occupants for any injuries. Call 000 if emergency assistance is required. Notify the police if any personal injury is involved, or where you are required to do so by law.


If you require a tow, phone 13 88 69, and a truck will be allocated to you. Despite what the driver says, you have the right to determine where you wish your vehicle to be towed. We suggest your home, workplace or RNT Panels Seaford.


Call your insurance company as soon as possible to discuss claims procedures. If you are not at fault (i.e a third party claim), your insurance company will also be able to give you advice regarding your rights and their procedures in general. To arrange a quote and estimate on your vehicle, contact RNT Panels on 9786 9911. We can organise the quote and arrange a time to book the vehicle in for required repairs. RNT can also assist you with your insurance claim needs. We know the system and can arrange prompt assessment, authorisation and repairs. That, coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction and the highest repair standards, makes us the right choice of repairer for you.

Accident Details

It's easy to be confused and upset at the scene of an accident, so try to remain calm. It's important to obtain details in relation to all vehicles involved.

The attached document should be printed and stored in your glove box, and can assist you in taking down the necessary details of the accident, and all those concerned. 

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